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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Feminist Festival

Contact: Patricia · · 865-3082

Feminist Festival
March 7-18

Global Feminism: Gender Struggles, Movements, and Triumphs
March 7, 12:30 PM, Marquette 315
Natasha Bingnham, research talk: “Putin and the Lesbian Community in Post-Soviet Russia”

March 8, 6:30 PM Audubon Room: International Women’s Day
“Sewing Community: Ahadi Quilts, NGOs, and the Politics of Textiles in Africa”

In honor of International Women’s Day, we will be featuring a the exhibition of an Ahadi (hope) Quilt produced by women survivors of sexual violence working with a grassroots NGO called SOS Femmes en Danger in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2010. In addition, the event will feature three scholars who hope to evoke a critical conversation about both the challenges and possibilities that women in Congo - and also Africa more broadly - contend with in their endeavors to sew community.


• Dr. Nikki Eggers (Loyola University New Orleans)

• Ms. Emilie Ngo-Nguidjol Songolo (University of Wisconsin)

• Dr. Anne Helke (University of Wisconsin)

Dr. Eggers will also present portions of interviews with Marceline Kongolo and Amisi Mas (founders of NGO, SOS Femme en Danger) about their experiences making quilts via the NGO, SOS Femme en Danger, as a mechanism of healing and survival.

March 9, 12:30PM, Audubon Room
Judge Tiffany Chase: A Life in the Judiciary

March 9, 7PM, Satchmo’s, Danna Center
“Feminist Speak Out – Open Mic Night at Satchmo’s”

Feminist Culture: Celebrating the Voices of Women & Feminists in the Arts
March 10, 12:30 PM, Marquette 315
Feminist Fridays: Discussion of Feminist Voices in Pop Culture

March 10, 3:30 PM, Peace Quad
Feminist Concert, headliner: Tank and the Bangas

Also featuring Loyola artists: Lucia Vives, Rachel McGee, No True Scotsman

March 10, 7:00PM, Miller Hall 114
Film Screening "She Was Famous" and Talk with Director Kenna J. Moore

Synopsis: Jill, a recent college dropout and widow, can't seem to get life right. While ruining all of her remaining relationships, she finds herself going down some twisted rabbit hole inspired by her recent discovery of Karl Marx and the German language only to learn that things have become a bit mental. Amber Love, programmer from the New Orleans Film Festival, states: "The accomplished final product of 2015-16 Emerging Voices filmmaker Kenna J. Moore, She Was Famous is an unflinching portrait of mental illness treatment’s efficacy when done well and when it goes horribly wrong." 

March 11, 2:00 PM Art Gallery, Danna Center Basement
International Feminist Film Festival: screenings of films by or about women and feminism from around the globe.

Feminism Rising: We Are the Fourth Wave
March 13: 6:15 PM, Marquette 315
Movement Mondays Meeting: Feminism & The Resistance

March 14: 12:30, Audubon Room
“Jessica Rareshide's Interviewing with Purpose: Empowering Women in the Workforce”

The 90 minute interactive workshop will enable participants to understand how to promote themselves in the interview and how the process works.  Attendees will 
• Learn how to present themselves to the interviewer in the most positive manner. 
• Learn how to navigate the interview process with confidence. 
• Learn what you can do to be the top choice for the position. 
• Receive the Professionally You™ Survey codes for electronic access. Attendees who take the survey can schedule a free phone coaching consultation for the results  

March 14, 7PM, Nunemaker Auditorium, Monroe Hall
“Fourth Wave Feminism: Building an Intersectional, Intergenerational & Inclusive Movement”

Chair: Patricia Boyett (Director, Women’s Resource Center)

• Nia Weeks, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Women with a Vision)
• Val Uccellani, Co-founder New Orleans Women, Living Our Values Everyday (NOW, LOVE)
• Jenny Yanez, radio host, NOLA Matters-Islam in the Crescent City-WHIV-LP
• Lisa Tencer, member Jewish Voice for Peace
• Rula Thabata, Vice President, Loyola Society for Civic Engagement
• Chandler Keen, President of Spectrum
• Armani Eady, President, Living Our Vision Everyday (LOVE)
• Melissa Alba, State Leader for Student for Education Reform

This panel explores the emerging fourth wave of feminism, noting both its challenges and its awesome potential. To succeed, this wave will require all feminists from all races, cultures, religions, ethnicities, ideologies, orientations, and gender identification of all living generations, for we need the experiences, perspectives, knowledge, and passion of all feminists. Our diversity could be our Achilles’s heel, but it could also become our greatest source of resistance. As the goal of feminism is to achieve full equality of all genders, the purpose of this panel then is to bring together a diverse group of women who are working in various mediums to advance social justice and women’s empowerment and explore ways that we may connect to build an intergenerational, intersectional, and inclusive movement.

March 15, 5PM, St. Charles Room

“Successful Women in the Arts”

Moderator: Kate Duncan (Assistant Professor, Music Industry, Loyola New Orleans)

Trina Shoemaker (Grammy Award winning Sound Engineer)
Lisa LaFleur (Director of Artistic Programming, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra)
Missy Cohen (Music Editor for hits like Sex and the City, Vinyl)

*Trina Shoemaker, Lisa LaFleur, and Missy Cohen will share how they achieved extraordinary success in their careers with Kate Duncan and engage in a dialogue with the audience.

March 15 & March 16, 7:30PM Roussell Hall
Her Story: Mėlange Dance Company

To order tickets:

Mėlange Dance Company presents HerStory, a journey of the waves of feminism “to bring monumental moments in 'herstory' to life. Watch the layers unfold as we portray the struggles and triumphs faced throughout the decades in a dynamic series of movement matched with time period costuming, music, and film. Our passionate dancers wear many hats, bringing to life key figures, including the unyielding Suffragists, our own NOLA Sazerac Stormers, the role reversing Rosie the Riveters, groovy 'bra burners’ who fought to pass legislation to secure women's rights, and more. Of course, we now emphasize the strength of a modern new wave that will break that glass ceiling. After all, 'women's rights are human rights', and 'there is no true peace without justice and equity for all'!”

Building Feminist Power in Politics
March 17, 12:30 PM, Marquette 315,
Feminist Fridays: Discussion of Fourth Wave Feminist Politics

March 17, 3:30, Collins C. Diboll Art Gallery, Monroe Library, 4th Floor
Feminist Happy Hour

March 18, Tulane University
Running Start - Elect Her: hosted by Tulane University’s Newcomb College Institute and Loyola’s Women’s Resource Center

**Open to Loyola and Tulane Students via application, see:

Feminist Festival Exhibition: (March 8-18) Displays of academic, artistic, and activist works by Loyola women and by Loyola persons of all genders that explore feminist themes.
Monroe Library Living Room



Time: 12 pm to 12:30 pm

Contact: Ken Weber · · 5048653167

Location: Ignatius Chapel, 1st Floor, Bobet Hall

Biology Research Seminar: Chemical ecology from the individual to the community

Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Contact: Mona Wolfe · · 865-2288

Location: Monroe Hall Room 610

Join us for a presentation given by Tara Massad, Ph. D., Department of Biology, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN.

Memory Bootcamp: Improve your memory and grades

Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Contact: Elizabeth Rainey · · 865-3595

Location: Student Success Center, MA 112

Prof. Kate Yurgil from the Department of Psychology will talk to students about memory, cognition, and the ways we retain and retrieve information. We will talk about practical applications to studying and recalling information.

Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience

Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Contact: Laura Coutts · · 5048653860

Location: Multimedia Room 1, Monroe Library

Have you spent a year, semester, summer, or even a few days on a service project abroad and aren't sure how to fit it on your resume? This workshop will address how to represent different kids of international experience on a resume and how to highlight the key skills and aptitudes that you built while studying or working abroad. 

Backlash: Race and the American Dream

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

Contact: Amy Pirtle ·

Location: College of Law, Broadway Campus room 308

On Tues. Mar. 14th at 6 pm in room 308, NLG will host a screening of Bess
Carrick's groundbreaking 55 minute film concerning former Klansman turned
politician David Duke during his run for US Senate. A panel comprised of
Carrick, Tulane Professor of History Lawrence Powell and community
organizer Jacques Morial will follow where the panelists will discuss the
film and the compare the film to today's current political climate and
rise of white nationalist groups.

Judy Pfaff--Visiting Artist Lecture

Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Contact: Susan Branch · · 504-865-5456

Location: Miller Hall, Room 114

 Considered one of the world’s leading installation artists, Judy Pfaff has been likened to a "collagist in space" because of her ingenious combination of diverse materials—plastic, steel, wood, paper, lights, paint, as well as found and recycled materials—to create complex, immersive environments that are at once visually seductive and intellectually rigorous. Trading on metaphor, narrative and the unconscious, Pfaff’s installations reference such varied subjects as nature, science, architecture, and the history of global art. She will speak on her most recent work in the context of an internationally successful professional career spanning 45 years.

Free and open to the public.

Mark Grote Visiting Artist Lecture 

Fourth Wave Feminism: Building an Intersectional, Intergenerational, & Inclusive Movement

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm

Contact: Patricia Boyett · · (504)865-3082

Location: Nunemaker Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Monroe Hall

 Panelists discuss the modern feminist movement and their work in the struggle

Nia Weeks (Women with a Vision) 

Val Uccellani (New Orleans Women, Living Our Values Everyday)

Jenny Yanez (radio host, NOLA Matters-Islam in the Crescent City-WHIV-LP)

Lisa Tencer Jewish Women for Peace

Rula Thabata (Loyola Society for Civic Engagement)

Chandler Keen (Spectrum Student Organization, Loyola)


Time: 9 pm to 9:30 pm

Contact: Ken Weber · · 5048653167

Location: Ignatius Chapel, 1st Floor, Bobet Hall