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Friday, September 23, 2016

Colleges Events

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Last Day for 50% Refund

Contact: Student Records · · 5048653237

Location: College of Law, Broadway Campus

Early Warning

Contact: Elizabeth Rainey · · 865-3595

Location: LORA

Professors are strongly encouraged to log onto LORA to provide early warning feedback to undergraduate students about attendance and academic difficulty. Early warning for Fall 2016 will be open from Sept. 12 through Sept. 25. 

Contact Elizabeth Rainey at with questions. 

LAW SKILLS:SKL-CRIM-092316: Criminal Arraignment, Preliminary Examination and Pretrial Motions

Time: 4 pm to 7 pm

Contact: Chrissy Brown · · 504-861-5560

SKL-CRIM-092316: Criminal Arraignment, Preliminary Examination and Pretrial Motions
To practice criminal law requires the practitioner to understand the importance of Constitutional rights attached to the criminal arraignment.  Students will learn the basic process and practical aspects of criminal procedure relevant to arraignment.  Next, students will learn how to conduct a preliminary examination specifically addressing a police report and testifying officer.  Last, the instructor will introduce students to basic pretrial motions and the importance of drafting and filing relevant motion to protect the client's interest.