3Ls/4Ls: COBA Presentation by a Louisiana Bar Examiner (Bar Prep Dept.)

Time: 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Contact: Sarah Johnson/Suzanne Scalise · acadsup@loyno.edu · 504-861-5981

Location: Room 308, College of Law, Broadway Campus

The panel discussion will consist of the bar administrator, the executive director, and a Code I Louisiana Bar Examiner.

First, the panel will discuss logistical matters about the exam (e.g., dates, fees, deadlines). Second, the director will discuss the format of the exam and provide tips on writing for the bar exam.  Finally, you will be provided, for the first time, with the perspective of the EXAMINER who will discuss a recent question that she drafted for a previous administration of the Louisiana Bar Exam.

The panel members will consist of the following:
--Denise Leeper, Administrator of the Supreme Court Committee on Bar Admissions
--Greg Bordelon, Executive Director of the Supreme Court Committee on Bar Admissions
--Donna P. Currault, Examiner for the Civil Code I Test, Supreme Court Committee on Bar Admissions

A light lunch of pizza will be served.