Moving from Monolingual to Multilingual Educ. Environments: Affordances & Challenges in US Contexts

Time: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Contact: Nathan Henne · · 504 865-3842

Location: Monroe Hall, Room 152

The talk focuses on the power of multilingualism and multimodality in knowledge generation. Instead of English only policies and/or ideologies, a multilingual turn in public school and higher education contexts encourages students and teachers to avail of an expanded range of resources (diverse dialects, languages, modes) to make meaning, establish cultural identities and co-construct new understandings of disciplinary material. Dr. Harman, an associate professors at the University of Georgia, will provide examples from her work with immigrant youth communities in terms of how they deepened their knowledge of environment design through multilingual and multimodal inquiry about community issues.