Department of Art Career Colloquium

Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Contact: Fr. Gregory Waldrop ·

Location: Monroe Hall 152

Featuring Arts in Education Specialist Todd Shaffer of Young Audiences of Louisiana

Thinking about a career in art education? Want to focus on your art now and still make ends meet? Come hear how you can make it happen.

Todd Shaffer is a dynamic speaker and enthusiastic advocate for art (and design) education opportunities for working and aspiring artists and designers. He works personally with many such people, helping to train and place them in full-time jobs as teachers in schools, part-time substitutes, teachers in arts integration and after-school programs, etc. He will speak about that but also touch on paths that students might pursue based on their interests and goals (degrees in art education, Teacher Certification, ancillary certification) This will be useful and informative for students who are leaning toward careers as teachers who also make art, as well as those focused on their careers as makers but who are looking for ways to make the career financially feasible.