Environmental Roundtable: How to Play God in the Anthropocene

Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Contact: Kimberly Kahn · kjkahn@loyno.edu · 504-865-2599

Location: Monroe Hall 152

Environmental Roundtables are Facilitated discussions of important environmental issues, hosted by the Loyola University Environment Program. Facilitators include Environment Program Faculty and guest hosts.

Dr. Joel MacClellan, from the Philosophy Department will facilitate a Discussion on …

“Biodiversity Conservation and the Duty to Rescue: How to Play God in the Anthropocene”  

"Compassionate conservation" is an emerging movement at the intersection of biodiversity conservation and animal welfare. Dr. MacClellan will articulate the consilience and tension between two increasingly recognized values, the conservation of nature and the protection of animals, and will defend the philosophical basis of compassionate conservation with an emphasis on case studies in order to facilitate discussion on this timely topic. 

Find more information on our website: http://cas.loyno.edu/environment/environmental-roundtable