Documentary Screening of Merchants of Doubt

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Contact: Dr. Patrick Leland · · (504)865-2481

Location: Multimedia Room 2, Monroe Library

Come and join Phi Sigma Tau for a FREE documentary screening of Merchants of Doubt and a discussion of these issues:
We often rely on others for information and when deciding what we should believe.This is
particularly true when the issues are complicated and require expertise. In such cases, we
often rely on experts. But how do you tell who is an expert and who isn’t? What happens when people deliberately misrepresent themselves as experts to distort our understanding of important issues? How have pseudo-experts distorted public perception of threats concerning toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and climate change?
Here's a link to the trailer:

Sponsored by Phi Sigma Tau, the National Honor Society for the study of Philosophy