SPS Seminar: Topology of Genomic Sequences

Time: 12:30 pm to 1:20 am

Contact: Chelsea Fielding · Physics@loyno.edu · 5048653647

Location: Monroe Hall, Room 152

Please join us for our next SPS Seminar, Topology of Genomic Sequences via the Sequential Subword Order, presented by Rafal Komandarczyk of Tulane University. 

The seminar will be held Thursday, March 30th from 12:30-1:20 in Monroe 152.




“Algebraic topology is the area of mathematics concerned with properties of spaces. Simple examples of spaces are shapes, such as spheres, cylinders or polyhedra. In particular, algebraic topology provides researchers with powerful algebraic invariants such as Betti numbers or the Euler characteristic, which help to distinguish general spaces. The recent new direction in data analysis (known as Topological Data Analysis or TDA) attempts to capture properties of large data sets by thinking about the data as an abstract shape and using the algebraic invariants as indicators of these properties. In this talk, I will discuss basic constructions and objects of algebraic topology, and show one possible way we can think about genomic sequences as shapes or topological spaces. I will also present experimental evidence that this can be a beneficial approach for the analysis of genomic sequences.” –Dr. Komendarczyk




Pizza & refreshments will be served!