Environmental Roundtable: Living in the Anthropocene: It's not and it cannot be 'Business as Usual'

Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Contact: Kimberly Kahn · kjkahn@loyno.edu · 504-865-2599

Location: Monroe Hall room 152

Environmental Roundtables are Facilitated discussions of important environmental issues, hosted by the Loyola University Environment Program. Facilitators include Environment Program Faculty and guest hosts.

Everyone is welcome to join our Environmental Roundtable.
Dr. Craig Hood, the Director of the Environment Program, will facilitate a discussion on Living in the Anthropocene: It's not and it cannot be 'Business as Usual.'  

The Anthropocene has been recently proposed as a formal recognition of a new Geological Epoch based on geological, earth science, ecosystem, and biodiversity patterns that can be recognized as a permanent part of the Earth History.   Originally (formally) proposed by Dr. Paul Crutzen in 2002, reviews of the history of recognition of the Anthropocene and its impacts to life on Earth can be read in these two papers :

Steffen et al. (2011).  The Anthropocene: conceptual and historical perspectives.

Waters et al. (2016).  The Anthropocene is functionally and stratigraphically distinct from the Holocene.

A light lunch will be provided. We hope to see you there.

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