Summer Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership

Time: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Contact: Diane Dougherty · dmdoughe@loyno.edu · (504) 865-3727

Location: Loyola University, Audubon Room


In contrast to our fractured world, Christianity offers a prophetic vision not of uniformity but of unity within diversity. It envisions all people (even all creation!) as members with each other of the Body of Christ.  In Jesus, we are connected to, we are in communion with each other. 

This ninth year of the Summer Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership gathers leaders and aspiring leaders from schools and parishes to focus on the practical implications of this challenging vision.  

Our parishes and schools draw people from different backgrounds with a range of experiences.  We will ask and begin to answer questions like: What are the implications of our faith for life in our world so marred by division?  What challenges does Catholic social teaching have for school and parish work in our increasingly diverse home of south Louisiana?  What does Pope Francis have to say to us during this Year of Mercy? How can our schools and parishes be models of CST and Pope Francis’s vision?