Faculty Colloquia

Time: 12:00 pm to 1:55 pm

Contact: Professor John Lovett · jlovett@loyno.edu

Location: College of Law, Broadway Campus, Room 344

Event speaker is Professor Rosalie Jukier from McGill Law School in Montreal Canada. She will present her article, Quebec Procedural Law as a Microcosm of Mixity: Implications for Legal Pedagogy, Judicial Decision-Making and Law Reform. Which will be published in the Loyola Law Review this Spring as part of a symposium entitled: The Scholar, Teacher, Judge and Jurist in a Mixed Jurisdiction: Papers from the Fourth Congress of the World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists. This is an excellent article and will bring us up to date on interesting developments in civil procedure and law reform in one of our fellow mixed jurisdictions in North America. The Editorial Board of the Law Review will join us for this event as co-host.

Below is a link to Professor Jukier's biography: