First Friday Dodgeball and/or Knockerball Tournament

Time: 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Contact: Zachary Bracey

Location: Residential Quad

This is a must on the First Friday of every month! Come out and join your fellow students for some Dodgeball and/or Knockerball. You can peg your friends with a ball or climb inside one and knock your friends to the ground. It's a great stress release! Tournaments will be set up for one or both sports, so bring your friends and get a team together. Go to to sign up in advance or register on-site prior to the start of games. All equipment will be provided. 

Dodgeball/Knockerball is a TOURNAMENT sport, so games will only last 1-2 nights depending on the number of teams that enter. Typically tournaments are double elimination.

The Dodgeball and/or Knockerball Tournament will take place in the Res Quad, with a brief captains meeting at 3:30pm before the start of games (brackets will be set immediately following). This tournament will be self-officiated.