Environmental Roundtable: Environmental Compliance for Coastal Restoration in Louisiana

Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Contact: Kimberly Kahn · kjkahn@loyno.edu · 5048652599

Location: Monroe Hall Room 610

Environmental Roundtables are facilitated discussions of important environmental issues, hosted by the Loyola University Environment Program. Facilitators include Environment Program students, faculty and guest hosts.

The Freese and Nichols' team have analyzed the impact of coastal restoration proposals and other major activities on fish and wildlife habitats, aquatic ecosystems, and threatened and endangered species.

Nina is a Coastal Engineer handling coastal research, planning, design, permitting and construction of coastal restoration work along the Louisiana Gulf Coast serving local, state and federal clients. Jason has directed multiple ecological restoration projects and has assisted with Louisiana’s Oyster Lease Acquisition Program.

During the Roundtable, they will provide some info on a barrier island project and the involvement of environmental compliance required for permitting as well as discussing stakeholder involvement and potential impacts on projects.

Lunch will be provided!

Find more information on our website: http://cas.loyno.edu/environment/environmental-roundtable

For questions please contact Dr. Eric Hardy at emhardy@loyno.edu or Kimberly Kahn at kjkahn@loyno.edu.