Week of Oct 15-21, 2017

Tuesday 17 October

Crime in the Crescent: A Forum about Public Safety in New Orleans

Time: 12 am to 9 pm

Contact: Justin Nystrom · jnystrom@loyno.edu · x2568

Location: Nunemaker Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Monroe Hall

Join us for a discussion by a panel of experts who will discuss the challenges of fighting crime and improving public safety in the complex urban environment of New Orelans. Sponsored by the Center for the Study of New Orleans and Criminal Justice. 

Kick Off to Registration

Time: 1 pm to 4 pm

Contact: Laura Jayne · Ljayne@loyno.edu · 504.865.3431

Location: Monroe Library

Spring and Summer 2018 registration starts in mid-October!

This event is open to all students: 

If you started at Loyola this semester, come to learn critical skills for your first "solo" registration. Find out the steps you will take every semester for the rest of your Loyola career. If you just need a refresher, this event is for you too! 

In addition to learning how to find, read, and update your degree-plan, change your major, search for your next set of courses, and navigate your LORA account, representatives from Student Service offices and Career Services will be on hand to answer questions about the business of being a student. 

Don't let registration pass you by -- make sure you're ready to act so you get the classes you want and need for graduation!

Thursday 19 October

Environmental Roundtable: Solar PV - The National Landscape and What's Going on in Your Backyard

Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Contact: Kimberly Kahn · kjkahn@loyno.edu · 504-865-2599

Location: Monroe Hall 610

Environmental Roundtables are facilitated discussions of important environmental issues, hosted by the Loyola University Environment Program. Facilitators include Environment Program students, faculty and guest hosts.

Join Andrew Owens Director, Regulatory Research from Entergy.  His roundtable discussion will be interactive and invite dialogue with attendees.  Items that will be addressed include the national landscape for solar, drivers for solar adoption, Entergy’s solar activities, and regulatory and policy matters including the current Suniva trade complaint.

Andrew joined Entergy in 1998 and provides regulatory support on emerging technology issues (smart grid, energy efficiency/DSM, renewables, DG, electric vehicles, micro-grids, etc.) to Entergy’s five regulated public utilities.  He has engineering and graduate management degrees from Iowa State and Georgia Tech, respectively, and is a registered professional engineer in Georgia and licensed CPA in Louisiana.

Find more information on our website: http://cas.loyno.edu/environment/environmental-roundtable

For questions please contact Dr. Eric Hardy at emhardy@loyno.edu or Kimberly Kahn at kjkahn@loyno.edu. 

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