Week of Oct 19-25, 2014

Wednesday 22 October

Deleuze, Technology and Thought

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm

Contact: Josefa Salmon · salmon@loyno.edu

Location: Multimedia Room #2, Monroe Library

A Biever Lecture by Professor Daniel Smith, author of Essays on Deleuze. Dr. Smith's writings offers a comprehensive view of Deleuze’s work dealing with not only the history of philosophy, but with how this thinker interacts with all the other disciplines and with major thinkers today. One famous French philosopher, Michel Foucault, said that the 21st century will be known as the Deleuzian century and this remark could be better understood after reading Daniel Smith's book.

In anticipation of Dr. Smith's visit, the Philosophy and Languages and Cultures Departments invite you to attend a series of group discussions on Essays on Deleuze

Where: Room 217, Bobet Building
Loyola University
Time: 6:00 p.m.

1. October 1 st . Essay 5. Pre- and Post-Kantianism. Logic and Existence: Deleuze on the Conditions of the Real. The discussion will be led by Prof. Joseph Berendzen.

2. October 8. Essay 10. Politics. Flow, Code, and Stock: A Note on Deleuze’s Political Philosophy. The discussion will be led by Prof. Jonathan Peterson and Prof. John Clark.

3. October 15. Essay to be determined later.