Week of Oct 2-8, 2016

Saturday 08 October

A Primer on Expropriations in Louisiana

Time: 9 am to 12 pm

Contact: Natasha Lacoste · nalacost@loyno.edu · 55048615564

Location: Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, 526 Pine St., Room 111

Cost: 80/Full Tuition; 65/Loyola Law Alumni/Gov't/Nonprofit Get Tickets

A variety of topics will be discussed during the presentation. Including: the relationship between fundamental property rights and the public’s need for property for public purposes; due process a comparison of relevant provisions of the United States Constitution with the Louisiana Constitution; the distinction between an expropriation of property and “appropriation” of Property; inverse condemnations; regulatory taking; delegation of the right to expropriate to private entities such as railroads, utilities, and pipeline companies; governmental expropriation of property for private development; the distinction between expropriation of a whole tract and expropriation of only a part of a tract; just compensation; off-set and the distinction between general benefits and special benefits; severance damage, including “before and after” rules; business losses; valuation Issues, including “highest and best use” and market data, income, and cost approach in appraisals; valuations of less than a 100% interest in property expropriated; rights of lessors and lessee when leased property is expropriated; Louisiana procedures and
federal procedures; issues to be determined by judges as opposed to those determined by juries; requirement of prior good faith negotiation; quick takings; burdens of proof and evidence; and the role of expert witnesses such as engineers, surveyors, and appraisers.