2014 Loyola Student Peace Conference


This event will happen

  • every day between Monday, March 31, 2014 and Friday, April 4, 2014

Contact: Behrooz Moazami · bmoazami@loyno.edu · (504) 865-2162

The conference will explore the multifaceted meanings of peace and conflict from a variety of perspectives at the annual student conference organized and managed by students. Conference runs from Monday, March 31 through Friday, April 4.

Monday, March 31st
5-7:30PM: Monroe Library, Multimedia II 
Panel I: Twentieth Century Social Dialogues
1. Mara Steven:
Woody Guthrie-Instrumentof Social Change
2. Arianna Efstathaiou: Neo-Fascism in Modem Greece
3. Camry Boudy: The Gay Liberation Movement and Collective Action
4. Rashi Sharma: Marketing Peace
Moderator: Dr. Nicole Eggers (History)

Tuesday, April 1st
12:30-2:30PM:Monroe Library, Multimedia II
Panel II: Socio-Politics of Violence
1. Aubrey Baudean: The Gulf Wars
2. Alex Kneib: Iran and the Nuclear Bomb
3. Lexi Mestas: Suicide Bombing in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
4. Connor Kennel: Al Qaeda and Biological Warfare

Moderator: Dr. Young Soo Kim (Political Science)

12:30-1:45PM: WRC (Marquette 315)
Lecture I: We Won: Women and Men who Courageously Stood Up to Combat the Criminalization of their Lives
Deon Haywood, Executive Director of Women With A Vision
Part of the WRC Brown Bag Lunch Series

Wednesday, April 2nd 
5-6:30 PM: Monroe Library, Multimedia II
Panel III: Women and Women's Rights in the Middle East and Beyond
1. Marlee Clayton: Historical Courses of Egyptian Women’s Liberation
2. Jessica DeBold: Violence Toward  Women in Modem Egypt
3. Molly Helie: Contemporary Feminism in Visual Art And Poetry
Moderator: Dr. Khedidja Boudaba (Languages & Cultures)

    Thursday, April 3rd
    12:30-2:30PM: Monroe Library, Multimedia II  
    Panel IV: National and Ethnic Tensions in the Modern Middle East
    1. Vinaya na Champassak: Psychological Perspective of Palestinian/IsraeliConflict
    2. Jennie Barker: AKP and Kurdish Independence
    3. Kevin Miller: the Economic Origins of the Palestinian­ Jordanian Conflict
    Moderator: Dr. Rian Thum (History)

    12:30-1:45PM: WRC (Marquette 315)
     Lecture II: Orientalism in Action: Changing Images of Muslim Women: A Comparison of 19th and 20th Centuries 
     Dr. Kumru Toktamis
     Department of Social Sciences & Cultural Studies
     Pratt Institute (New York) 
     Light lunch provided

 7-8:45 PM: Miller Hall 114
 Keynote Lecture: Istanbul's Gezi Protests (2013) and the Future of Turkish  Democracy and Politics
 Dr. Kumru Toktamis
 Department of Social Sciences & Cultural Studies
 Pratt Institute (New York) 

 Friday, April 4th 
 3:30-5:45 PM: Miller Hall 114
 Lecture IV: Killer Drones: Vehicle of Empire?
 Kevin Caron
 Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition Drone Task Force



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